Friday, April 12, 2013

Vagina Of The Week!

Vagina of the Week was started a few years ago as a way to get people to talk about vaginas.

I had a few friends over and somehow or another we got on the topic of the shape of vaginas.   One person was very particular and asked me what "type" of vagina was my favorite.  She loved big clits and went on and on about her former girlfriend and how much she loved the idea of finding another person with such a great clit.

This whole conversation confused me then and a few years later... I still have no idea of a preference.   I hate to say I never met a vagina I didn't like but I haven't.  Anyway,  I started this blog to have a conversation about vaginas and what differences other people enjoy and why.  Out of curiosity... I swear.

  As usual in my life one thing led to another and before I knew it I had ladies sending me pictures of their vaginas to put up and  vote on.  It led to many interesting conversations with folks.  

A few weeks ago I was nostalgic and thought I would crank it up again and get a few folks excited about talking vagina again.   It worked.  My twitter feed was popping with people talking about vaginas.

This time around...some people got offended about the idea of voting on a vagina and what they liked or disliked.  I got feedback that it wasn't "sex positive" and down right offensive to those who may have issues with their own bodies.

Let me explain something about myself.  I have a fear of being Aunt Trudy.  I had a great Aunt Trudy who lived in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania.  There was an episode of Louis C.K.'s show where it was spot on about older relatives from small towns in PA. 

Aunt Trudy was the most racist person, ever, without ever meaning it.  She called filbert nuts N#$$%^ toes, went on and on about minorities in her church that were shockingly the  "nicest people", etc. etc.

She didn't know that her compliments and her new understanding of people could come across like the rhetoric of a Klan meeting.   I worried about becoming a person like that.   How did that happen?
How can you just do something and suddenly it becomes offensive?


I found myself examining my motivations for such a blog.  Was I being mean? I had used contest previously in the blog... mostly because that is what it became... was that an offensive assault on people with body issues?  

I certainly didn't have intentions of that.  The poll was easier than people leaving comments and gave me an idea of what people who took the poll preferred. 

I began to exam some more writings on vaginas at the encouragement of some kind folks who emailed and got in contact with me. 

What I found was terms for vagina "types".  Normal, not normal etc.  I believe everyone is different

Here's one that kept coming up, it actually pains me to write this one....... "TEXTBOOK".   I found it a few times.  Women wondering if they had a "textbook" vagina or if their vagina was off and "Not Textbook". 

Here's what the definition of textbook as an adjective: Conforming to or corresponding to a standard or type that is prescribed or widely held by theorists.



Everyone is different in some way. There is nothing textbook about emotions.   A textbook vagina?  Textbook? 

Ladies, let's not strive for someone to compare our bodies to something that conforms to ideals.....  when has that gone well for anyone?

Textbook?  Something given out to anyone at public schools?  Something that you pay a ton of money for in college and when it's "used up" you get back a small percentage of what you paid?   Your vagina is exactly what I theorized it would be?

If anyone has body issues, I believe it stems from the striving to conform to an ideal that can be impossible to achieve.  Textbook is another vague Idea that confuses women and men about what they should expect in a partner. 

Be open and Honest with what you want and like, it might offend someone but you need to be yourself.. because no one else will.

As RuPaul says,  'If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" 


Lacy "Aunt Trudy"

Monday, March 18, 2013

Vagina of the Week March 2013

Which Vagina looks tastier to you?
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vagina of the Week!

Here are some classics. Happy voting!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vagina of the Week!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vagina of the week!!!!!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winner Vagina of the week!!!

That is one beautiful Pussy :P

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